Your strap-happy pal would probably love something like this Lulu bra by Lonely lingerie!

Bras for Small Breasts Part 2

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In my last blog I discussed the need for more small bust options. Specifically, I noted a lack of selection in three areas. There needs to be more sizes offered, particularly for small cups with full bands, small cups with  Read More

We love the Lucia push up bra from The Little Bra Company - but sometimes small busted women want unpadded options!

Bras for Small Busts: Part 1

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  Today I’d like to call attention to the needs of our small busted clientele. First off, small busts deserve as much bra selection as any other size. While some petite folk may feel comfortable going braless, there are many  Read More

Fit Tips for Women with Softer Breast Tissue

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Breasts come in many different shapes and sizes which influences what bra choices will work best for you. Another important factor to consider is density. We all know that breasts can become less firm with age. As we get older, skin  Read More