Holiday shopping can make some people feel lost, confused & helpless (just like this kitten).

Holiday Shopping- as easy as 1, 2, 3…4!

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As pumpkin spice moves to peppermint and fall leaves to snow flurries, you’re probably well aware that the Holiday Season is upon us. Here at the store we are already seeing early-bird shoppers looking for holiday presents. Gift buying can  Read More

The unique beautiful lace, wire shape, low stretch straps and band make Grace by Empreinte a pricier bra than most.

How to Find Right Bra for YOU

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Bra fitter: “What are you looking for today?” Customer: “A bra.” Sometimes this happens. I will ask a customer what she is looking for and she will reply “a bra.” She may say this with a little exasperation, perhaps wondering  Read More