Rack of the Week!

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Meet Jacqueline Sava, INVENTRESS of our favourite gentle wash, SOAK! For more news and updates on SOAK please visit www.soakwash.com Jacqueline is not only showing off her Excellence in Youth Entrepreneurship Award, (YOU GO GIRL!) but she is also quite  Read More

Brabomination Britney!

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We all love our breasts and completely agree that showing them off is nothing to be ashamed of. However, being bra fitters, this image is a bit over the top for us! Whether it is the camisole, the bra or  Read More

Rack of the Week – Cassie

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   The Rack of the Week AWARD goes to our very own Cassie! She’s all dolled up today and it’s her birthday so it’s fitting that she gets the award. Cassie is wearing Prima Donna Madison low full cup in  Read More