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secrets from your sister Inc. is a bra fitting shop of 19 years located in the Annex. We are a small and well established business that specializes in helping women find great bras. Our service provides a one-on-one bra fitting experience. While working in a very fun environment, teamwork is of the utmost importance to us. We are looking for women with both a desire to grow with us and with a passion to lend to our success. We respect our employees, their ideas and goals, and strive to create a long term relationship with them.

Positions Available - descriptions and application process shown below:

1. Coming June 2018 : Full Time Bra Fitter

 Friday - Tuesday / 2 year commitment / accepting applications


Application Process - applications only reviewed if all steps are followed:

Thank you for taking the time to show us why you want to work with us!


FULL TIME BRA FITTER: Coming June 2018 

Friday - Tuesday / 2 year commitment / accepting applications

Job Details:

A bra fitter offers a bra fitting service. This service is a collaboration between the client and the fitter. We work within our clients' boundaries. Using our technical expertise and product knowledge, we find a bra/undergarment that fits our client’s wants and needs. This position suits an individual who can show patience and compassion.

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Who you have to be to be considered for this position: 

 Some of the perks...



Not available at this time - we always take resumes if you think this position is for you!

Job Details:

This position involves welcoming clients into the store, making them feel at home and assessing their needs. The position includes working the POS system to process sales, administrative duties pertaining to the Front of House and lending a passionate personality to our team. It is an extremely challenging position and best suited for an individual who will 'take the bull by the horns!' You must have one solid year of 'actual' point of sale work experience to apply for this position.

Requirements to be considered for this position:

Some of the perks... 


RECEIVING MISTRESS/MASTER: Not available at this time

This department receives all of the merchandise for the store. The items are received from a variety of suppliers daily. The job involves manually receiving the product, sorting it, checking it for defects, manually entering into the system. The product is then priced. Special orders are pulled from the orders and given to the front of house. This job involves communicating with representatives from the suppliers, local and international. Inventory counts on styles are executed to keep the product quantities accurate.


The candidate must have an affinity for math and ability to communicate clearly/thoroughly. Ability to problem solve is key. Being finicky about detail, patient and quick are the primary requirements.

Who you are:

You are smart, quick with calculations, attentive to details – physical and written, able to work independently, curious by nature and eager to excel. You want to work here for at least 5 years!



Ability to communicate in French. Written required. You do not have to be AMAZING but strong enough to write an email about defects or ETA's of orders.

About our workplace: