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  • White & blue boxes are days open for a 50 minute booking. 
  • If you would like assistance booking, please email us at fit@sfys.com
  • To book a 9:15am/9:30am appointment email fit@sfys.com
  • To book for the second half of March, please email to be placed on notification list - thank you!

Trainee + Fitter - 10% off one bra!

  • We're training a new fitter. For 9 months she has worked alongside a fitter trainer. She now runs the fitting with a trainer observing, confirming fits & participating when needed. These appointments are marked in blue on the booking calendar. To thank you for allowing our fitter-in-training learn from your experience, we will offer you 10% off one bra!

Same day bookings | Saturday bookings

  • same day bookings can be made upto 30 minutes prior to the appointment time.
  • there are Saturday cancellations - to be placed on the notice list please email us: the time range you would like to visit | time it takes to get to the shop | mobile number


  • We require all clients to bring and wear an N95, KN95 or medical face mask
  • If you have been in isolation with COVID-19, please wait at least 7 days from confirmed test or symptom onset before coming to see us. Review all health guidelines here.


  • If you have gift card, please pay the deposit and email fit@sfys.com so we can refund you. Include a screen shot of your Gift Card number.
  • We take a $40 deposit that goes towards your purchase.
  • Your deposit covers the cost of the fitting service. Additional or return fittings require a new $40 deposit.
  • Appointments cancelled 48 hours PRIOR to booking will have deposit refunded. 
  • Deposit is lost if you do not attend the appointment, cancel under 48 hours, or arrive over 20 minutes late.