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secrets from your sister Inc. is a bra fitting shop of 19 years located in the Annex. We are a small and well established business that specializes in helping women find great bras. Our service provides a one-on-one bra fitting experience. While working in a very fun environment, teamwork is of the utmost importance to us. We are looking for women with both a desire to grow with us and with a passion to lend to our success. We respect our employees, their ideas and goals, and strive to create a long term relationship with them.

Positions Available - descriptions and application process shown below:

1. IMMEDIATE :  2 Full Time Bra Fitters

 Friday - Tuesday or Friday - Monday/ 2 year commitment / accepting applications


Application Process - applications are reviewed if:

Thank you for taking the time to show us why you want to work with us!



Friday - Tuesday or Friday - Monday / 2 year commitment / accepting applications

Job Details:

A bra fitter offers a one on one bra fitting service. This service is a collaboration between the client and the fitter. We work within our clients' boundaries. Using our technical expertise and product knowledge, we find a bra/undergarment that fits our client’s wants and needs. This sales position suits an individual who can show patience and compassion. 

Save some time...we have a 6 month training process and we're sure you're busy too!

Who you have to be to be considered for this position: 

 Some of the perks...