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bra care

Bras are not guaranteed to last if they are machine washed. We recommend washing every 1 to 3 wears to prevent body oils and skin from building up in the fibres. We love Soak. It’s biodegradable, phosphate free, made with plant based ingredients and even made in Canada.

hand washing

With Soak: Soak your bra in cool water for 15 - 20 minutes. Rinse well. Press excess moisture out and hang to dry.

Without Soak: Use a gentle detergent. Gently rub your hands over the parts of the bra that touch your body. Rinse well.

Lined bras: To remove extra moisture, cover your fist with a towel and gently press into the cups. Hang to dry.

machine washing: a lingerie faux pas.

If you decide to machine wash, please put your bras in a garment bag, do the hooks up and use a mild detergent. Wash on gentle. Please hang your bras to dry. We do not recommend machine washing.

More tips

  1. 1 / Avoid squeezing lined cups - this encourages wrinkles to appear on the smooth surface. Instead, put a towel over your fist, followed by the bra and gently press out the extra moisture.
  2. 2 / Store your bras “sunny side up”. Don’t invert one cup into the other.
  3. 3 / Wear dark colours over dark bras and light colours over lighter bras to avoid discolouration from fabric dyes.
  4. 4 / Build a bra wardrobe of at least three bras that can be rotated during the week.
  5. 5 / Use a sports bra for exercising. Physical activity puts its own demands on your lingerie.