Dear community,

Thank you for your continued support. As the Ontario Government has given retail the green light to open for in-person business, our commitment to ensuring the safety of our staff and our customers is our priority.

We will not be re-opening until June in order to guarantee that we provide the safest working and shopping environment.

In the meantime, we encourage you to visit our shopping site and to email us with all of your fit questions, sizing inquiries and general questions.

At least one person will be in the shop daily to process and ship orders. 

We can't wait to see you again and continue to provide you with best one-on-one bra-fitting service in the city!


Wet Weather and SHOES:

If it is wet outside, we will be asking you to remove outdoor shoes before going into the change rooms area. Lingerie and wet floors don't work! Thank you for understanding.

Bring your own Bag

Bring your own bag and enter to win a FREE bra of your choice!

We choose one winner every month. Help us reduce our footprint.

We'll RECYCLE YOUR 'dead' bra!

Bring in all washed 'dead' bras.We send them to the B.R.A.RECYCLING AGENCY.