On rainy or snowy days, you will be asked to remove your shoes or put shoe covers(provided) over top of your boots.


Why do I have to wear a mask?

All clients and staff must mask in the shop to keep everyone healthy. We work centimeters away from you for up to 50 minutes. The health of our staff is a priority so we can be here to assist you. Many of our clients prefer to keep healthy as well and masking is a quick and easy option so we are accessible to most.

Can I buy your product ONLINE? 

Yes, you can! Review all exchange and return policies before placing an order. We are set up as an in-peson shop and our policies are much stricter than other online businesses. Please visit: http://shop.secretsfromyoursister.com/

What is a bra fitting boutique?

SFYS is a place to indulge in a one-on-one, professional bra shopping service.

What is a bra fitting?

A bra fitting is a collaboration between you and your fitter, where we work within your boundaries. A bra fitting starts with a few measurements over your clothing to give your fitter an estimate of your size. She’ll then have you try on an accurately cut bra to assess your fit. Once your size is determined your fitter will draw on her technical expertise and product knowledge to find a bra that fits your wants and needs. 

What sizes does SFYS carry?

We carry bands from 28 to 46, and cup sizes from AA-N.

What is the average price of the bras you carry?

Our bras range anywhere from $70-$220. The price of your bra will depend on the size, style and quality. Most customers spend $150 on average per bra.

Why are there so few bras on display? Are those the only bras you carry?

We like to think of our store as a gallery, showcasing different styles and sizes, which we change frequently. Keep in mind this is only a small selection of the stock that we have available.

Why can't I just try bras on by myself?

That's our business model. Every bra fits differently, and we carry over 100 sizes. A fitting will actually save you time and stress as our fitters know the particularities of every bra. Working with a fitter may introduce you to something new. Most of our customers try and buy styles they never would have grabbed for themselves!

How long does a fitting take?

This depends on you. On average our return customers spend 30-40 minutes and new client can be up to 50 minutes. Each appointment is alotted 50 minutes.

Why is the wait to get a fitting so long sometimes?

Our services are in high demand! We offer every customer the same thoroughness in their fittings, so wait times depend on what the customer before you needs. For the most part, you can always find openings for a booking on weekdays. Saturdays book up quickly in advance.

Do you carry bras for teens and pre-teens? 

We carry many styles suitable for a growing body. We recommend booking an appointment so a fitter can introduce the concepts of proper fit, bra care and how to put a bra on properly. Our fitters are respectful, understanding and happy to work within your comfort zones and financial boundaries. Parents/Guardians may sit outside the change room while the fitting is in progress.

Do you carry maternity and nursing bras?

We do! However, we are not primarily a nursing/maternity shop so in the harder to find sizes we will have less of a selection. Many of our customers are quite particular. We stock what sells most often and is most popular. If a bra does not fit well overall, we cannot stock it just to offer a greater selection.

Do you carry swimsuits?

We only carry a few sizes of swimsuits from the brand Fortnight. We prefer to focus on bras and can therefore offer you more slections and styles!

I need a bra that doesn't show under my outfit!

We carry many specialty bras from low plunges, strapless and convertibles. If you have a trickier garment please email us at fit@sfys.com with your requirements before you come in, so we can help you better.

Do you carry sports bras for full busted women?

Yes! We recognize that sports bras are important for all sizes, especially youth.

Can I bring my male partner shopping with me?

We aim to keep our fitting room area a space that feels safe and secure for all our clients. At the moment, we are not inviting male visitors in the shop unless they are purchasing a Gift Card.


What do I do about "back fat"?

First off, "back fat" (the bulging of skin where a bra presses into your back) is totally normal. An elastic against skin will always leave an indentation, so a bra, whether it is loose or snug, will leave a "bulge". For support and comfort a snug band is best. 

My straps fall off my shoulders, what can I do?

This can easily be addressed by discussing fit and assessing your body shape. Most often we find straps fall off due to issues of fit (the back is too big) or issues of styles (a woman with narrow shoulders will have trouble wearing the straps of a wide-set bra).

Do you carry minimizers?

We find that getting into a better fitting bra tends to make your breasts look smaller. Discuss your preferences with your fitter and she can bring you a range of styles. 

How many bras should I have?

To build a bra wardrobe a rotation of 3-4 bras is ideal. For most this means a light, a dark and perhaps something lacy. Your needs may also require sports bras, strapless bras and other items for special occasions. This rotation will help your bras last longer.

Can I wear my bra at home for a few hours to see if it's comfortable?

No! It's unfair (and unhygienic) to the rest of our clients to allow for the return of worn bras.

What if I'm unhappy with the fit of my bra?

Please email your concerns to fit@sfys.com to arrange a review appointment.