Alt Moms


After twenty years of working with pregnant and nursing women, we’ve developed a few tips to help you during this wonderful period of your life.

Alt Moms


  • 1. Come see us when you start pushing out of your current bras. This is normally in the first trimester but definitely by the second.
  • 2. Find a comfortable bra that grows with you. We’ll find the best style for your body and fit the band so it expands with you.
  • 3. Have at least two bras in your wardrobe during this time.


  • 1. Have at least one nursing bra or nursing camisole 3-4 weeks before you give birth. This way you have something for those first few weeks.
  • 2. The best time to come in for your second nursing bra is 2 – 3 weeks after giving birth.
  • 3. No one bra will fit you precisely throughout nursing. Your breast size will go up and down as it adjusts to different feeding stages and pumping schedules. Depending on how long you choose to nurse or pump, you may want to get another nursing bra at some point.
  • 4. Many of our nursing bras have 4 - 6 hooks in the back and ease in the band to accommodate your changing size. Have a rotation of at least two in your wardrobe.
  • 5. Once you’ve weaned your child, wait a few weeks before coming back in. We’ll re-fit you and help you find the right style to suit your new size.